Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kentuck Festival of the Arts 2010

West Alabama Fiber Guild participated in Kentuck Festival of the Arts this year, October 16-17. Also last year, and I suppose the year before that. Somebody said it was rainy two years ago. I remember it was muddy a year ago, and I only experienced it from a visitor's point of view, which means a couple of hours instead of 2 days. This year it was extremely dusty. Because it was very dry. And this year I was there as a participant. Funny, how the weather works sometimes. But I am not going to talk about that; anyways, complaining about weather is a meaningless occupation. And apart from that it was fun. Even my son, one of our youngest members, enjoyed the festival for the two full days.

Our members offered their works for sale and demonstrated weaving, kumihimo braiding, spinning wool and linen, bobbin lace, knitting, preparing fiber for spinning, and more. Weaving and spinning activities for kids and adults were offered as well. I personally demonstrated thread crochet and spinning on a drop spindle.

See more pictures here.

Me and my son, Sasha

A new fiber guild generation, presented here
by my 8 year old son, mastering kumihimo braiding...

...and here - turning flax into linen. 
After a short course from Deirdre he was
enthusiastically explaining the whole process
 to anybody who would listen
 and instructing kids visiting the festival.
He also learned from Annette how to knit
 and knitted a little snake. Now it's his favorite toy pet. 

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