Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spiritual quality

Can you give your creations a spiritual quality? I think it's a second half of the meaning of what quality is. You develop your skills to deliver visual, touchable quality that results in a well-made, well-serving, eye-pleasing, maybe even mind-puzzling thing. But there's something more to it. A kind of quality, that is not readily touchable, but obviously perceptible.

Something that is tied to the material quality and yet is more than that. Something that makes a thing more than a thing, something that makes you coming back to it and enjoying it. Something that was put there by the maker in the process of creation, intertwined with fibers, fused with metals, mixed with paints...  It not only makes you think about the thing , its maker, and even the experience of acquiring that thing with enjoyment, it - most importantly - makes you feel good. And that is a foolproof way to know if a piece has spiritual quality. Whether it manifests in giving you inspiration, motivation, or just pure enjoyment, it doesn't matter. It just makes you feel good.

So here's a very intriguing question, asking to be answered. Do the makers actually ensoul their creations? I am sure they do, if they choose to. And what do you think about it?

See you in my next post, till then - feel good and don't forget to listen to some nice music at the end of the page.

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